HCMUD No. 405 Meeting Packet 5-20-21

HCMUD No. 405 CCR 2020

HCMUD No. 405 New Service Application

HCMUD No. 405 Garbage Info.

HCMUD No. 405 Garbage Collection Changes



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Your Communities Important Numbers:

  • Tax Tech, Inc.- 281-499-1223
  • Harris County Sheriff’s Office-713-221-6000
  • Harris County Flood Control-713-684-4000
  • Harris County Road Maintenance-281-463-6300
  • Garbage Collection- Republic Services-713-849-0400


  • John Dufilho-President
  • Amir Khosrowshahi-Vice President
  • Eddie Owidi-Secretary / Treasurer
  • David Simpson- Compliance Officer
  • Adrian Steffes-Director