The Harris County MUD No. 282 services Villages of Northpointe West and Wildwood at Northpointe.

Great news! Harris County MUD No. 282 transition to the new enhanced utility billing software is complete and the customer portal is available for enrollment. To pay online please  re-register your account on the customer portal at  ; this includes all auto draft customers. You must manually make your first payment.

All fees remain the same: There will be a $1.00 processing fee for all e-check payments, including auto drafts or 3.99% processing fee for all credit/debit card payments. These fees are not charged or collected by Water District Management or your District.

HCMUD No. 282 has withdrawn Stage 1 of the Drought Contingency Plan. Thank you for your cooperation during this time in helping us to conserve water.


HCMUD No. 282 CCR 2022

HCMUD No. 282 New Service Application

HCMUD No. 282 Recycling Made Easy.

HCMUD No. 282 Garbage & Recycle Info.

Customer Notice Regarding Extreme Weather Emergencies


Your Communities Important Numbers:

  • Wheeler & Associates – 713-462-8930
  • Harris County Precinct 3 – 281-463-6300
  • Harris County Flood Control – 713-684-4130
  • Harris County Pollution Control – 713-920-2831
  • Harris County Road Maintenance – 281-353-8424
  • Garbage Collection -Texas Pride Disposal– 281-342-8178

Board Meetings:

  • Date: 1st Wednesday
  • Time: 12:00pm
  • Place: 1300 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 2500


  • Dawn Mouton – President
  • Shelley King – Vice President
  • Angela Peters – Secretary
  • Victoria Caldwell – Assistant Secretary
  • P. Al Gosen – Assistant Secretary