The Bammel Utility District services Oak Creek Village and Olde Oaks, Section 2. This district has a regional wastewater treatment plant which services five utility districts; Bammel UD, HC MUD #44, Spring Creek Forest UD , HC MUD No. 316, Louetta Road UD and Terranova West MUD.

Texas Pride Disposal would like to apologize for the delay in service and inconvenience it is causing. Texas Pride Disposal is experiencing excess volume of yard waste and longer lines at disposal sites. This is causing many routes to run behind schedule. Texas Pride Disposal attempted to get a truck yesterday evening (3/31/21) to finish but fell short. Texas Pride Disposal is aware of the issues and should be back on track later this week, they apologize for the delay. For questions or concerns contact Texas Pride Disposal at 281-342-8178 or

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Your Communities Important Numbers:

  • Equi Tax – 281-444-4866
  • Harris County Precinct 4 – 281-376-3472
  • Harris County Flood Control – 713-684-4130
  • Harris County Pollution Control – 713-920-2831
  • Harris County Road Maintenance – 281-353-8424
  • Texas Pride Disposal – 281-342-8178

Board Meetings:

  • Date: 2nd Monday
  • Time: 6:30 PM
  • Place: 3904 Gladebrook – Oak Creek Village Clubhouse


  • Nicholas P. Fava – President
  • James B. Armand – Vice President
  • Jon C. Whisler – Secretary
  • Ken Rochow- Assistant Secretary
  • Bryan Pershall- Director