The Post Wood Municipal Utility District services the Postwood, Postwood Glen, Postwood Oaks, Postwood Green and Sunbury subdivisions.


Post Wood MUD New Service Application

Post Wood Bond Election Info.


PW Property Inventory Log

Our Constables now have the ability to check stolen property, not only locally, but also nationally. It is even more important that we store the information necessary to identify our property. The Property Inventory Sheet can be used to document your valuable property. In the event that you become a victim of a Burglary or Theft, you will have the needed information to provide to the Police, so that if the property is sold to a Pawn Shop it can be recovered. The form can also be used to catalog your property in case there is a fire or natural disaster, it will be a good idea to have this information for the Insurance Company.

Post Wood New Rates 2017 Irrigation Checklist
Community Events Policy & Procedures
Drought Plan Post Wood CCR 2015


Your Communities Important Numbers:

  • Neighborhood Patrol -281-446-1196
  • Tax Collector – Tax Tech – 281-499-1223
  • Harris County Precinct 4 – 281-376-3472
  • Harris County Flood Control – 713-684-4130
  • Harris County Pollution Control – 713-920-2831
  • Harris County Road Maintenance – 281-353-8424
  • Garbage Collection – WCA Recycle & Disposal – 281-368-8397

Board Meetings:

  • Date: 2nd Thursday
  • Time: 6:00 PM
  • Place: 6007 Treashwig Road (water plant main entrance) Agenda Posting on bulletin board at 6018 Knotty Post Dr. (old water plant entrance)


  • Diane K. Flynn – President
  • Harold Crump – Secretary
  • Jason Harvey-Assistant Secretary
  • Kurt Guerdrum – Treasurer / Assistant Secretary
  • Nancy Cronin –  Treasurer / Assistant Secretary