West Harris County MUD No. 7 services the Raintree Village subdivision.





Drought Contingency Plan in Effect

Mild Drought Conditions Exist

    1.Users asked to reduce water use

     2. Even-Numbered addresses may water on even-numbered days

           Odd-Numbered addresses may water on odd-numbered days

      3. All outdoor watering prohibited from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Failure to comply with the drought contingency plan will result in the following fines:

1st notice- Warning

2nd notice- $50.00 fine

3rd notice- $100.00 fine

4th notice- $200.00 fine

*Continuation of violation will result in disconnection and additional fines.*

WHCMUD No. 7 CCR 2016

WHCMUD No. 7 New Service Application

W7 Garbage Info.



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Your Communities Important Numbers:

  • Tax Collector – Utility Tax Service – 713-688-3855
  • Harris County Sheriff’s Office – 713-221-6000
  • Harris County Flood Control – 713-684-4130
  • Harris County Pollution Control – 713-920-2831
  • Harris County Road Maintenance – 281-353-8424
  • Garbage Collection – Best Trash – 281-313-2378


  • Mr. Jeffrey Flinn – President
  • Ms. Ellen Chadick – Vice President
  • Mrs. Teresa Rogers – Secretary
  • Mr. Bill Weldon – Asst. Secretary
  • Mrs. Tamara Vasek – Director